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Hail from just south of the city, fortunate to have a nice (if somewhat small) well equipped listening room, lab space and machine shop. I design all of my own gear including amps, crossovers, line and phono stages and some other things. I recently designed and built a pair of two channel 300B SE hybrid amps so I can tri-amp my diy Onken/horn based system. Currently I am using a pair of EV XEQ-3 electronic crossovers which will be replaced with my own LR4 based design in the next couple of months.

REW has been highly useful to me in the past and I figure that to get this system sorted out and sounding right I need to become conversant with acoustical measurement technique again.

Sources include two TD-124 turntables with ET-2.0 and 2.5 air bearing linear tonearms, both currently equipped with cheap & cheerful Panasonic EPC-451 strain gauge cartridges with my own hybrid phono pre-amplifier design. (EQ included)

Digital is handled by a Sony HAP, and I have a couple of FM tuners which see rare use.

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