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Hello from Connecticut, USA

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Just want to learn more about how to create the 'best' audio system within my little $ budget's limit. Don't know if I can succeed. I don't mind buying parts and soldering parts together, as long as I get a system up that is 'cheap'. :) no shame...

I have used Presonus audio interface, mic, and AdobeAudition2 to create audio files for broadcasting. That is about it. Other than this, I have no training in arranging audio equipment. I don't mind playing with old equipment because they are usually cheaper.
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Welcome to the SHACK... Glad you joined.
Welcome to the forum and thanks for joining us here at HTS.
I would post a query in the System Recommendation thread with specifics ie amp, speakers etc.
It can be found here: System Recommendations

Hello and welcome to the forum :wave:
Hi.. and welcome..Enjoy your time with us..
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