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My name is John and my wife Cecilia and I live in Laguna Hills, Ca. Just recently began to put a system together.
The front speakers are a pair of ancient Infinity RS 2.5 speakers I got from and audiophile Uncle. AVR is a Denon 2809 CI and a B&W HTM61 center speaker. More as the budget allows. TV is a LCD Series 6 Samsung 52 inch.

The Infinities were built in 1979 and weren't working well so I got on the internet and found some used tweeters back east from a very nice guy who shipped them to me free of charge..What Luck! I then had new Watkins Woofers put in them by a local company, Orange County Speaker just a few miles north in Garden Grove. For old speakers these things will blow your hair back...and sound great...at least to me.

Glad I found the site...
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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