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i normally wouldnt post in a forum
reading the info and learning from the experience of others is normally enough
however i have been inspired
i have been fasinated with subwoofers since i was aprox 11 years old
my older brother bought a pair of 12"s and installed them in my moms toyota celica
i could hear that car commin from half way down the block
when i was in the car, i could feel the the music
mom didnt seem to mind, i think she liked them:unbelievable:
i have been hooked since that day
i was hungry for info on how it worked, how i could make sounds like that
i started going to the library where i found the loudspeaker design cookbook
later in high school i took geometry and the light bulb turned on
i started building subs for my friends and family
i built a llt for someone hungry for elf before i knew what a llt was
thankyou for letting me know that other people are as fixated with sound reproduction as i
you guys have saved me alot of trial and error

i am currently working with,
sony 6.1 reciever
sony 5.25" fronts
dayton 12" dvc in 2 cu. ft. sealed powered by the bash 300
i am a busser so my buget is small, but i am happy with what i have:wave:

sorry for the long post but i have had a glass of wine or two:shh:

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Welcome Leo. Your stroy's quite similar to mine except Mom thinks I'm crazy :coocoo:
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