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Hello from Madison, WI

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I'm a new member here; actually was a member a long time ago for a bit and have now relapsed. I have a VERY modest home theater with a Sanyo Z2000 Projector, a 120" Elite screen, a bunch of black Velvet around the screen and black material covering walls and ceiling to 6 feet out from the screen.

I am considering switching my HT from a dedicated basement room (22 x 15 feet) to another slightly larger basement room (25 x 15 feet) right next door to it; the room where I had always intended it to be. The extra length will allow me to move to an AT screen. I can also intrude into the other room (will be storage) in certain areas if necessary.

I am by no means an audio or video expert; I know more than most, but less than most everyone here :). I'm looking forward to your advice as I move forward (or possibly chicken out). Assuming the former, it will be a prolonged DIY project.

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Welcome to the Home Theater Shack. There will always be someone with more and someone with less; money, time, knowledge, etc. We give some, we take some. Life is a circle.
Hi Bill..and welcome..
Welcome to the Shack, Bill.
Welcome to the forum. :wave:
Welcome to the Shack, hope you are able to stay out of the snow.
Welcome to HTS Bill! :wave:

It is great to gave someone else from the Madtown area on here - hope you spent today inside!

Enjoy your time with us on the forums and be sure to check out our newsletter!
Welcome aboard Bill and thanks for joining us here at HTS.

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