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Hello from Madison

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Hello everyone!

I encountered this forum via a reference from a well known audio forum, whose initials are AK. The thread in which I saw the URL was discussing audio software, which is of interest to me.

I've got a system that's a mix of two channel audio and home theatre, with a bit more emphasis on the two channel side of things, although it works fairly well for the time being for both.

I use an Oppo DV-980H as a CD/DVD player, a Parasound AVC-1800 for a pre/pro, a Yamaha MX-1 amplifier as well as a Yamaha DSP-A100 amp. I only use the DSP-A1000 as an amplifier as I pulled the jumpers sending the signals from the preamp side of the integrated amp to the amplifier. It works very well as a plain amplifier, and considering their cost, is a very good value indeed. The MX-1 is the main amp, though, feeding my Yamaha NS-1000M speakers. My center channel is a Klipsch SC-2 (IIRC) which I have bi-amped from the DSP-A1000, which has two center channels, so it works out well.

The low end is handled by a Velodyne HGS-10 sub, which integrates with the NS-1000Ms very well. I'd like to get an additional sub in the future, but it's not a high priority presently.

I'm only using three channels as it stands now for HT, but do have a pair of JBL L100s that I intend to use as rear speakers. They were my main speakers until I found the Yamahas, and have a custom crossover that helped them tremendously. The crossovers, in kit form, were a wee bit over two thirds of the cost of the JBLs, which were pretty much market value for the most part. I need to get some cables for the rear channels, which is the only thing holding me back. I know the JBLs will be overkill for rears, but they're not being used for anything as of now. I'll drive them with the DSP-A1000.

I'd replace the Klipsch center channel and the Parasound AVC-1800 if i were to make a change now. Actually, I'd like to add a tube preamp to handle the two channel side of things, and perhaps leave the Parasound. Dunno, that's somewhat up in the air for the time being. No hurry -- the setup works reasonably well as it stands.

I'm sure I'll be able to glean some knowledge from the denizens of this forum.

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Welcome to the forum ...:wave:

Enjoy your stay :T.
Welcome to Home Theater Shack!

Howdy devzero and welcome to the Shack!

We are glad to have ya on board... :T


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Welcome John,

You'll find us around! :)
Welcome to the Shack John, glad to have ya.
I appreciate the welcome from everyone. I've read a little in the forum, and see some very interesting information. The REW resources will definitely be appreciated. I've been checking out that auction site and CL for an SPL meter and an external USB sound card. I've got a few projects scheduled in front of that right now but will dig into it soon enough.


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