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Hello from MO!

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I Just joined a few minutes ago. I'm joey45 from Missouri, I hope to learn a lot from those in the 'know' from this forum. I'm a broadcast engineer by trade, and also write software. Currently, I am working as the repair department at a local music store. I'm glad to be here, and wish you all a happy Thanksgiving! I do have one small procedural question: When I first logged in, there was a splash screen that said I had a new message from someone, and since my pop-up is enforced, I had to go into Firefox prefferences and list Home Theater shack as an exception to the rule. Now that I have done that, how do I get that message?

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Hi Joey, welcome to the Shack!

The normal private messages can be accessed from the top right of each page, up by your username.
Welcome to Home Theater Shack!

Howdy joey45 and welcome to the Shack!

Looking forward to seeing you around often... :T


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Thanks for the quick reply! I was surprised to see that anyone was logged in on Thanksgiving day. I look forward to having a place to ask related questions, and, after I get comfortable, I might be able to answer a few.
Hello Joey, Welcome aboard!

Not all of us celebrate Thanksgiving on the same day as you. Up in Canada it was Last month so for me today is just a normal workday :)

Feel free to ask questions there are lots of knowledgeable members here who will be willing to help you out.
Welcome to the Shack Joey! Go Tigers! :woohoo:
Welcome to the forum ...:wave:

Enjoy your stay with us ...:T
Thank you all for the warm greetings! Sounds to me likey friendly bunch! Brrrr--it's cold down here. It's weather like this that reminds me of Palau--stayed around 80F all year long. And yes, Thanksgiving was really another day there, but We did cook a turkey and celebrated any way.
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