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Hello from Nashville

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I am a veteran studio owner in the Nashville area. I sold my last facility 3 years ago and have been in semi-retirement for the last year. Just can't stay away, though, and am now busier than ever with multiple jobs...engineer, live sound, studio designer focusing on surround control rooms and monitoring systems.

Always looking to learn and pass something along. Regards to all, Dave.
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Hi Dave, and welcome here!

It's nice to have you here, I'm sure you'll have a lot to teach to newbies!

I also hope you have not been touched by those terrible floods. :sad2:

Would you care to tell us more about the facility you've owned?
I, fortunately, was not personally affected by the floods, but many of my friends and many musicians I have worked with over the years have been serious hurt.

I was one of the partners that re-opened Woodland Studio in 1990, then in 1995 bought the building that housed Nightingale and transformed it into a two-room facility known as 17 Grand Recording. Sold the building 3 years ago (still have most all of the gear). It is now a private studio.
Hey Dave,

Welcome aboard and don't forget to chime in when you feel the urge.

Glad to know that at least you have not been hurt!

Thanks for the details about your career!
Hey Dave,

We met at the AES hang where they did the surround quality control demo at CMT, also at dinner before. Glad to see you here...

Welcome Dave! Looking forward to hearing your input on several topics in the forums!

Do you have any pictures of your studios? We'd love to see them in the gallery!
Hello, Dave. What a resume! Glad to have you out here. Hope to hear some "war stories" some time!
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