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Hello From New Orleans.

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Hello all. I happened to stumble on to this site by googling 180g vinyl. Well I was looking at an artist's web site (John Prine) and there was a mention of a new release on vinyl of 4 of his songs plus others. I have lately been looking for information about albums. You know, us old goats who remember the album days with the beautiful art work and all the information provided on the jacket.
I have been wondering if it was just me or does some other people think that the clarity and fedelity of a great needle and turntable along with the proper speakers and receiver sound better then the CD's that took over the industry. I thought I had heard a rumour albums were making a comeback, and thats how I sought of stumbled on this web site. I hope to learn more in the days ahead.
Well, so long for now I have some serious reading to do. LOL

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Welcome aboard Mike,

Enjoy your stray with us.
Hi Mike and welcome..
Hi, and welcome, Mike. I am from Baton Rouge (Plaquemine, actually) but now live in FL. What do you have for audio shops in NO these days? Is Doug Wilson still around? Do you remember Art Colley's on Canal St back in the late 1970s-early 1980s?

There is no doubt that vinyl can sound very good. The problem is to get it that way takes a lot of work, and the noise floor is still very high. When it is right, however, analog is hard to beat in certain ways. Digital, including CD, can be very good as well, just in different ways.
Welcome Mike! NOLA has a very special place in my heart... :T
Thanks all for making me feel right at home instantley. One thing ya'll will get to spot about me right off the bat is my spelling. I have to be the world's worst. Grammer too. Sheeesh! All that money my parents spent on my private school education. :)

First to Leonard. Man bro we didn't have much pre Katrina, now dude we got even less. It's sad. You know about all we got is the chains, Best Buy an (good bye Circut City). We still have a rather old place called Alterman's Audio. When I became a single man again about 11 years ago(was cleaned out, execpt for my albums) LOL I went and had to purchase my equiptment from a place called Campo's Electronic. Well that day I did my self some justice I think. See what ya'll think.
First I had to replace my TV. So I got a 40 inch picture tube Mitsubishi. remember this is 1997.
A Kenwood 5: 1 , 500 watt receiver and mounted it with the Polk Audio system. Hooked up a Dish Network Satellite system. A few other goodies were a new DVD by Pioneer, which when I bought it it was being debated whether DVD was going to ever put the VCR out of commish. HA!

Well, here we are in 2009 and I just purchased my first LED 47 inch HDTV, because a tree down my street fell on someones power line causing a power surge in my house taking out my Mitsubishi. :-(. And yes guys it was hooked up to a rather expensive surge protector. Which the maker of that protector guarenteed anything that was lost would be replaced for free. HA!! They didn't say then it would be pennies on a lot of dollars.
So now we move on. All I can say to all is man do I love my music. Which is why I was trying to find out about Albums making a comeback. I am getting ready to tear this one down and build it back up with some new toys. When I get the shingles rattling again with a brand new "Live at the Fillmore East") by the Allman Brothers Band I'll be right back in business.

And Greg, NY holds a special place in my heart too. Even though I never have been there before, thats where a great deal of the music I listen to was recorded. The Fillmore East.
Plus I am a die hard Yankee fan. I mean big time and congrats to them. Made my day and I am sure ticked off a lot of other people, LOL

See Ya'll
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Mike, welcome to HomeTheaterShack. Glad to hear you are still in NOLA. Truly heartbreaking what happened down there. Glad to hear there are still some AV Stores to service you up there.

There truly is a treasure of information on this forum. And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
That's a story for the ages Mike. I thought I was the only one still loving my direct CRT in 2009!
Funny you say that about the music, so much of what I'm listening to these days originated on (or at least near) Bourbon Street. Or at least closer to Bourbon than to my Bleeker! I've discovered, and rediscovered, respectively, the two Louis's! And don't get me started on the food! I've had some great times down there, or so I'm told...
Truth be told, I'm a Mets fan first, only a Yankees fan 2nd, but it's all good...
In my Bedroom, I am still using a Sony 34XBR910 which is a 34" CRT tube HDTV. This was one of the last tube sets Sony produced. The bloody thing weighs 200 pounds and cost almost 3 thousand Dollars with the stand, but it is truly a beautiful display.

CRT's still offer exceptional black levels and when properly calibrated, color fidelity. However, 200 pounds for a 34" display is a bit much. Even at the time of purchase, I could have gotten a panel, but the performance was too good. Nightmare scenario when moving however.
Welcome Mike. Have fun. Dennis
Say Greg, leave it to me to bring up the dreded Yankees'. Sorry LOL. Yea 200 lbs wow. Tell ya what though, if and when I move I thought about leaving this 40 inch picture tube right where it sits. You see, the day they delivered it to my house it was carried in by two guys with the largest bicepts I had ever seen. The grimmace on their face told the whole story. I bet they both walked out of here with hernia's. But man did that thing have a wonderful picture.
Say fellas I do have a question about my Vizio SV470M, I hear that they have calibrations for these (LCD) things. If so where might I locate them?

Oh, believe me, the Yanks are not dread (in my house at least) by any stretch of the imagination...:neener:

I nkow exactly from whence you speak, I have a friend who's bought (used) several RPCRTs and asked me to tweak each one in turn, which of course involved moving the monstrous things... What I find funny is how he asks me to do it since he knows it makes an improvement with little to no sweat on his part, yet refuses to watch in anything but full blown ambient light, so his image is never what I would call satisfactory. It's really my own fault though... one day I was watching with him and asked if a certain image was supposed to look like that. He had never seen the convergence issues before. Once I pointed them out he couldn't live with it and I found myself doing full multipoint convergence tweaks on every set he's owned since!:doh: I learned, though, I haven't pointed out to him why his latest set needs a full optics cleaning, so he doesn't care!:innocent:

Anywho, as for your Vizio, I personally wouldn't recommend using anyone else's calibration settings. Chief among the myriad of reasons, the first step in a calibration is setting brightness and contrast, which vary greatly depending on viewing conditions, such as ambient light in the room. At the other extreme, you can hire a pro in your area (or one that travels), but that can run several hundres $.

In between there are 2 other options: #1: you can buy equipment and learn to do it yourself, but that too costs $ and you have to learn. #2 and my recommendation to get started, is pick up a copy of DVE, or Avia, or one of the other calibration disks out there which have test patterns AND teach you how to use them! This will be less than $50, and some experts estimate this will get you 75% of the way there!

You can find more information in at least two of the pinned threads in our video section, here:
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Hey Mike,
Welcome to the Shack, glad you stumbled upon us :)
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