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Hello From Snowy Connecticut

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My name is Jason, I'm from Southeastern CT. I just joined with you folks about an hour ago and I've been looking around a bit. The forums are very detailed and quite organized, I'm glad I found The Shack.

I've been addicted to car audio since I was sixteen. I started off in the normal manner with the excessive bass and cheap components but after a couple years, I learned how enjoyable quality sound could be. I eventually learned to build my own enclosures and fabricated kick panels out of fiberglass. The equal path-length and imaging bug had bitten me. I no longer tried to build the loudest system, just the best sounding system.

I now have a family and a fairly nice first home, both of which pulled me out of the car audio world. I truly appreciate good music of any genre reproduced by quality components and I've missed that over the past few years. I'd also like to bring the entire family into my hobby.

I work as a Poker Floor Supervisor (occasional dealer) and through that line of work, I was afforded the opportunity to make some decent money working an event in the Bahamas this past January. While I was working those seventeen hour days, I couldn't stop thinking about the room I've been working on and all the new home theater products I was going to purchase.

My interests change with the seasons and I was already looking over the yard to plan this years outdoor projects... luckily we just got buried under a foot of fresh snow. So, back to the home theater project. I had placed an order with SVS last week for two MTS-01's Towers and a MCS-01 Center. As luck would have it, they were scheduled to arrive the day of the storm. I'm not a patient person when it comes to new toys so I feared the worst.

:yay2: Ups did show up and they didn't destroy the speakers! :yay2:

I've been listening since I hooked them up last night, my love of music is renewed. I'm here seeking more knowledge to improve my home theater and I look forward to the suggestions, comments and relationships I'm sure I'll find here.

Good evening to everyone, I'm headed out to work. :crying:
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