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Hello from SoCal

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Hi everyone. I'm new to this forum but have been lurking on here for a few years now. Hoping to learn more about A/V from people far more educated in the field then I am. I've been a hobbyist for 20 yrs or so with my first big purchase being a velodyne 12" sub when I was 18. My Dad gave me some speakers which in my mind were the best things in the world. They were DBX Soundfield V's and I had 4 of them with my sub and an infinity center channel( dont remember model) in a 350sq ft room powered by a Yamaha a/v receiver rv902 I believe. It was Stupid!, but fun.From there I went through many systems along the way even succumbing to my ex wife's desire to get rid of big speakers in favor of, you guessed it, tiny jewel cube speakers. Ugh! WAF can really be a drag! Well happy to say I have a new wife and one who is very supportive in the hobby! It's great. My current system is:

A/V Receiver: Marantz SR6007
Mains L/R: Def Tech BP-8060ST
Center: Def Tech CS-8060HD
Surrounds: Def Tech SR-8040BP
Panasonic 55ST50
PS3 for blu-ray not games so much

Look forward to learning more as far as calibration goes on this site from all the REW gurus.
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Welcome to HTS. Looks like you have made a good choice in audio and a wife. Enjoy!
Welcome to the Home Theater Shack, glad to have you with us!
Funny my name is Mike P. also. Thanks for the welcome. Since I've been snooping around for a while I notice the mods here run a tight ship and I like that. Many sites turn me off cause every subject turns into a flame war.
Welcome to HTS. Looks like you have made a good choice in audio and a wife. Enjoy!
Definitely the wife for sure! Thanks for the welcome.
Hello and welcome to the forum.:wave:
Welcome to HTS Mike! :wave:

Enjoy your time with us on the forums and be sure to subscribe to our newsletter!
Hi Mike..and welcome..
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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