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Hello from the Antipodes

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G'day All
Here in a cold time in Adleaide South Australia.
My name is Frank and I'm putting together a dedicated music room, no plans for home theatre as yet but who knows down the road. Mostly interested in room treatments and DSP - I want to download REW.
I have an Australian product called DEQX which some of you may have heard of. REW will be used tro communicate more info regarding my room treatments - I'll post pics when I've transferred some from my phone
I look foreward to browsing around and occasionally contributing (hopefully) and also learning a lot.
Cheers Frank
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Good to have you on board! :T

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Hello Frank where in ADL are you from?
Hi Frank, welcome to the SHACK.
Hi..Frank and welcome..I'm down South
Hi Frank, welcome to HTS and thanks for joining us. Enjoy your stay.
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