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Hello from the Hudson Valley

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Hey there, I'm new here but have been in the AV industry for over 25 years (Neil Sinclair dubbed me a Lifer at one of the old Chicago/McCormick CES shows so that should date me). I'm not a hard core av fanatic even tho I started with Absolute Sound & Perfect Vision, but I have to admit I love this industry & find the characters fascinating. If only you all could dance...

I do have one suggestion to the forum moderators - can you let us upload our own avatar images?

I'm with Home Theater Review (online) and I hope you'll check out our site & sign up for our Newsletter. Feel free to contact me anytime.
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Hello Chrisy, Welcome to the Shack!

You will be able to upload you own aviator if you become a supporter of the shack see here for more information.

Enjoy your stay with us.
Welcome to the forum ...:wave:

Enjoy your stay :T.
Welcome to Home Theater Shack!

Howdy there chrisy and welcome to the Shack!

We are certainly glad you joined in with us... :T


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welcome Chrisy. Have fun, Dennis
Thanks for the welcomes~!
I just posted a bunch of car audio pix from CES 2007. Check it out, I made an album on the Image Gallery. Sorry, no info on the shots, so if anyone know what the craziness is, feel free to add captions. Enjoy~!


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Hi Chrisy, welcome to the Shack. Some of us have been around long enough to recall CES in Chicago. Times have changed, haven't they.
Welcome Chrisy! We're glad to have you with us :)
Welcome aboard. We Hudson Valley folks have to stick together.
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