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Hi Everyone.:wave:

I have been a bit of an audio maverick all my life. Back in the 70s when my friends were buying modestly priced high volume brands (Pioneer, Sansui, JBL, etc.) I would same my milk money and buy more higher end brands (Tandberg, ADS, B&O, etc.). Not that there is anything wrong with volume brands, but I did take heat for spending $1k on a receiver.

The other thing about me is that I never throw anything audio or video away. I still have and use my original receiver and speakers that I bought in 1978. I also have collected a good deal of vinyl over the years that I still listen to.

Back in the early 90s I added Dolby Pro Logic to my 2-channel system which has now evolved to the full 7.1 system it is today. The pieces were added bit by bit as I could afford.

So here I am chasing the ever elusive flat bass response out of my subwoofer.

Today I frequent sites like AVS and AudioKarma along with my other hobbies.

I like to listen to my analog LPs in multi channel surround mode on my Lexicon.
I'm currently digitizing my LPs to store on a big media server along with all my photos, CDs and DVDs.
I like 70s Prog Rock.
I despise "formula" music.

These are just my opinions and anyone into audio is cool no matter what they listen to or what they listen to it on.

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Welcome resqguy. Have fun. Dennis
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