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Hello from Yuri

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Just dropping few welcome lines, glad I found this informative forum.

Cheers to you all, Yuri.
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Hello Yuri. We're glad you found the forum also.
Thanks to you all for the welcome. :T
Hi Yuri, Welcome aboard!

Enjoy your stay with us at the Shack.
Welcome Yuri. Have fun. Dennis
Hi Yuri and welcome..
Greetings, and welcome, Yuri!
hey Yuri ... is that Your Real name or Nick name ... there is a Video Game player in "King of Fighters" named Yuri :D
Hi Jackson_fan,

that's my artist name, but corresponds to my real name (Jure) in my country. No connection to KOF though. :)

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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