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Hello guys, thanks for having me.... DIY Screen Paint Project

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Thanks for having me everyone. This is my first post here.
I've been into home theatre off and on for quite a few years. I had sell most of my theatre off last year to get my new business up and running. But I am slowly rebuilding it.
I am now to the projector phase. I'm looking to buy one soon, likely a JVC DLA-570.

Here's my dilemma. I have one of my old Elunevision Titan Tab-tensioned screens still. I converted it from a 16:9 106" to a 2.35:1 screen. I just added black spray paint to the top portion. worked awesome. But one thing I hated about this screen is that it's a 1.2 gain and you can see the texture during the movie. It's kinda pebble'y? Dirty? looking. It was noticeable in scenes that showed the sky.

I'd like to repaint it.
I have a sprayer.
My room is pretty dark, but not a bat cave. White ceiling. Lighter taupe wall than you see in the pic.
I don't need light rejection. But I wouldn't be adverse to a light grey if it adds pop, but white is fine.
I don't want hot spotting. The projector is 10-11' away.
A grey screen that can create some 'pop' with 'HDR' or wide color gamut. But I don't want sparkles
I'd like the colours to stay true.
The main thing is the awful texture that shows up in scenes that are light such as the sky.

So looking forward to your feedback.
I got so tired of reading up on this stuff thinking I was getting somewhere over at another well known forum, thinking I was learning only to have the exact same guy show up to contradict every guy I was listening to.

Looking forward to your advice.馃槂
Pat from Canada


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Check this post here, on what we did with our screen:

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Check this post here, on what we did with our screen:

Thank you so much Oleson M.D.
Funny thing is I actually read your experience before you replied back.
So here's what I'm doing.... I'm going with the Black Widow. I got the paints this week.
Do you recommend a primer?
Also what cure time should I give it before I retract it, as it's a motorized tab tensioned screen.

Thanks guys.
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