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Hi all!

I have come across the shack once again! My first foray onto this site was a number of years ago when I was researching the use of a BFD to eq my sub. I never did join, instead just perused the forums for a while. I really don't know why I didn't join at the time?

At any rate, I've joined now and funnily enough it's because of a remote control, the seemingly most trivial of home theater accessories :) I have been looking for a remote control for my system for years and have not been able to find anything that suits my needs and my wallet simultaneously :) I've visited remotecentral but for whatever reason, can't find the type of information that I'm looking for there.

However, here at the shack I've noticed quite a nice remote control section and have been purusing for a while now and though, what the , I should join this time :)

I'm sure I'll be posting a bit more in due time as I'm planning on upgrading my system to all HDMI in the next couple of years and I'll be needing some input on components then.

In the meantime, hope to see you all around.

Oh, just a quick list of the living room / theater equipment:

Pioneer VSX-816 Receiver
Panasonic DMP-BD55K Bluray player
Custom HTPC
ATT Uverse HD
Xbox 360 w/ HDDVD
Adire Audio Kit281, LCC, and Kit81 Speakers
Sunfire True Subwoofer Mk II
4 Bass Shakers on the couch w/250W plate amp :)
Mits HD1000 Projector
Akai 46" DLP TV
Looking for a remote to control it all :)

Nothing too fancy, but it serves it's purpose well :) Priorities are on saving for a new house right now, so I don't get to spend much $ on gear, hence most of what you see listed were or are considered best bang for the buck and are a few years old (except the bluray). In general, I'm a bargain shopper. I do enjoy the nicer pieces, but only if I can get them at a reasonable price (can't wait for that winning lotto ticket to hit :))


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Hi russell, welcome to the Shack again. Have fun. Dennis

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Hi Russell, welcome aboard!

If you want to ge a good relatively inexpensive remote the Harmony 880 is a great unit for the price. Do you need radio frequency or just infra red?

Enjoy your stay with us.
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