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Opening program for beginning Linux programmers came to mind thus the title for the post.

This being a 1st post and in the spirit of the moderators who have graciously provided extensive bios I will follow their lead, somewhat. (NSA is just down the road from me so they can put this in the files and save it for posterity; 1 billion dollars of debt added to the deficit for a 1 million sq ft server farm to mirror the one in Austin, TX. Great use of money our money, I feel safer.)

SLC, UT is my home now for 4 decades though I have no interest in the dominant local religion. My beliefs are firmly placed on the same foundation and background as some of the moderators though my formal thinking is that religion can often be a burden to society when misapplied. Spirituality, that's a different matter, left to the intellect of the individual.

Cars and guitars might be a summary of my primary interests though the list is long.

REW is the 1st attraction to the forum. The zero tolerance policy, while it might be misconstrued as just another standard boiler plate agreement, makes a statement. The forum shows a maturity far beyond the current development of the net.

2 channel audio is my main interest.

All video is watched on a computer monitor for some years now (15) with a computer acting as DVR. Mostly motorsports, recorded to fast fwd thru the breaks. So no home theater here. Audio for the TV is a pair of 24 bit, 96K digital stream Roland self powered monitors for those 15 years.

There is no widescreen TV or projector in the house though the 4k's picture looks great and gets my interest.

CEPro magazine is delivered to the home office every month for going on 20 years so developments regarding technology are always up to date. As this is being written Pandora 1 is steaming in the workshop room at 24 bit, 192K and it sounds good on a modest system consisting of a fanless computer, a tube preamp/DA converter and 100W RMS Roland amp/12" sub with slightly improved Pinnacle speakers from the 90's.
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