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I was looking for measurement software which ran under Linux, found the RoomEQ Wizard, and joined to download it.

Of current interest are how my Linkwitz Orions (built in 2003, originally used for music and home theater) are adjusted in my living room and Pluto+ system (Plutos in 2006 for a small apartment, Pluto+ over 2008-2009 to get more reasonable output levels and bass extension whilst working too much at a startup) is doing in the bedroom.

I've also designed and built a few tube line stages and am wanting to build a pocket sized remote controlled preamp (probably PGA2320 based with an LCDuino front end), although the next project will be a recording booth for my wife.

I sold parts of my Sony 1292 after moving for work to incompatible housing and seeing acceptable performance and a livable price in the Sony VPL-VW100, have my 87x49 Studiotek 130 screen disassembled in the garage, and am living with a 50" Samsung plasma in the bedroom until my housing situation is more stable and I can return to front projection with an LCOS 1080p in a constant height setup.


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Hi Drew, welcome to the Shack and a great looking room and setup you have there :T
Welcome to the Shack Drew,

Your room and setup looks great!

Enjoy your stay with us.
Hi Drew and welcome..
Welcome Drew. Have fun. Dennis
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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