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Good question -- the one I've struggled with is how much do we need to allow for the backwave of a driver. In other words, is there a rule of thumb about how deep a cabinent needs to be for a given driver.
I have often pondered this question. The only person who had an answer was one of those little know it all carsound enthusiates that wouldn't know a standingwave from a sitting duck. suffice to say the answer I got was that the distance from the back of the driver to the rear of the enclosure had to be no less than half the diameter of the driver. Take it for what its worth. :dontknow:

I'd say if you don't need response below 50Hz out of these speakers(let the sub do that), then the depth shouldn't be so much of an issue. An mtm would be your best bet given the physical restraints of size. Most of your attention needs to be directed towards the Crossover. Getting that right will decide how good they sound.
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