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help!! hum out of main speakers

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I need help with my soundcard connected to my AVR , I have taken the soundcard calibration measurement and it looks just like it should , but when I do the check levels using the main speakers I `m getting a lot of hum out of the speakers ,I have followed the connections to a “T” and have the soundcard connected to my AVR`s CD input and set to 2 channel , note : I`m using a desktop PC with XP home and my PC is in another room on a different circuit/breaker - could that be the problem? Any suggestions would be appreciated
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PC's and laptops are notorious for introducing hum. The worst thing you could do is use a plug in a different room......

OK thank`s ! I figured ,guess I will have to get an extension cord and see if that curs the hum -fingers X
Not meaning to hijack your thread.

Oddly enough, my BFD just developed a hum/buzz last night. Now granted, I had switched outlets during the course of moving the sub, receiver and PC but this is a physical vibration that is eminating from the unit. Previously it was barely audible when you had your ear up to it, now you can feel it vibrate when you touch it. This has translated to a horrendeous loud hum when the mains are being used.

Cheater plug solved the hum through the speakers, but the unit continues to hum merrily along...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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