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Hello all,
Does anyone have any experience w/ a James Loudspeaker S 63 or James spkr's at all. Need info ASAP.
Thank you all for your time. Happy New Year!!:wave:

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James Loudspeakers are one of the few in-wall manufacturer's that I would recommend. Along with Triad, RBH Sound and Snell. IMO you really can't go wrong. What kinda info are you looking for?

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In my main living we have:

Pr 63SDX Front L/R
C. S63
Pr 82SDX Rear
SW EMB1000

These speakers are awesome...

Future HT will have:
PR Baby Grand Concerto's front L/R M1000 Sub Amp will drive sub speakers on Baby Grands.
Pr 82SDX rear
SW Powerpipe with M1000 sub Amp
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