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Hey Guys,

This is my first post here. I just got permission from the wife to enter the wonderful world of projectors. I think I have picked the projector I am going to use. The projector I am thinking about is the Sanyo PLV-Z60, the only bad thing I have heard about it is the lumens that come from it. The room that it is going into will have light tan walls and a white ceiling. I will only being using it at night so there won't be any ambient light issues. It will be sitting about 16' back and I was thinking about going somewhere between 100" to 110" screen. Any suggestions on what would be the best DYI paint to use. Or I was also thinking about doing a Do able board as a temporary sollution.

thanks for the help.

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Welcome to the Shack Mono! Thanks for joining us here. :T

Doable is great for a white screen. It does have limitations though and one of them is size. IIRC the largest size it comes in is 4X8'. That limits you to a 98" screen or smaller. It might be something you want to try though as it is relatively cheap.

Another problem you may run into is ambient light. Even though you say viewing will only be at night, you have tan walls and a white ceiling. Both of which may wash out the image. I'd recommend at least starting with C&S. And if you find that your blacks are still washed out a bit, paint over it with BW. Your pj has the same amount of foot lamberts mine does and I use BW.

If you're wondering about cost, you can probably try all three of these suggestions and still be under a Ben Franklin! ;)
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