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Hi, I already have the lows covered, a TC Sounds 3000 15" sub, awesome to about 60hz. I have omnisats v2 speakers (great sound but not enough slam). I need a mid-bass solution of no more than $500 (not including eq.) to cover the 50-60hz to 120-150hz range. Must be sealed (it's going in my front wall pine unit, below my center speaker), must be a 8" or 10" woofer, duals are fine. I already bought the ED LT550 plate amp (4ohms) $250 to drive them. I figure about $50 for the 1.5-2.0cf sealed enclousure. That leaves me with about $200 to work with. I want SQ first but SPL is also important since it's going in a 4,500cf room and I want the response to be close the the TC 3K sub. These are some name brand woofers I've seen today on ebay for under $200 a pair.
1. Peerless XLS 830502 10" woofers, need to find out the ohms of these and if they can work sealed.
2. Aurum Cantus AC-250MKII 10" woofers, sealed?
3. Morel H10.1 10" woofers, sealed?
4. TC Sounds RMB 6.5" woofers, 3ohms, maybe need three of them?
5. Infinity Reference 1052 10" subs, great price, are they good?
6. Infinity Kappa 104.7 10" subs, about $100 each, performance vs 1052?

What's the best choice out of these woofers? Any others? Maybe some eights? Thanks.
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