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Ok, I hope there is someone out there that want to help a beginner.
I have the UMICK-1 for the measurements, and I have a (5 meter x 4 meter ?) room.

I had (as on picture) 2x 12" sub that is not replaced with another SVS 13 ULTRA.
was not happy with the sound from my SVS, so I got one more :dontknow:
My first test was that 2 subs sounded no different than 1 :unbelievable: but after some tuning maybe it will be better. if not I dont understand anything.

Either way, I have a terrible spot where I sit.
Here is the graph used only 1 sub, mic placed at center and rear in the room:

there is 10db loss where you sit :huh:

Maybe my only choice is to swap my room around, 2 bad for all the wires that are inside the walls.

I have 2 subs now, so if you have any suggestion where to place them, maybe add something on the walls, let me know, and if you want me to do any measurements let me know and I do them.

thank you

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In every room you will have reduced bass volume at the center of the room. (It increases as you move from that point towards any boundary, as your SPL figures show.) There is nothing that can be done about it, it’s a natural acoustical phenomenon. It’s not really a problem unless you can’t get enough bass level at the listening position. If that’s the case, the only solution is additional subwoofers.

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