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Hello everyone ! first off, let me introduce myself. I am 30 years old, born and live in Guatemala, civil engineer and about to get married.

I am thinking of buying a Home theater system for my new apartment and been doing a lot of reading on what would be a good and affordable system. Luckily for me, I did my research. Here in Guatemala, we have a very limited range of brands of speakers. Obviously, Bose is the most marketable and known brand in the country. After Bose, we have a little bit of Klipsche and Niles.

I have the chance of buying the speakers in the US and then traveling with them back to Guatemala. The traveling, limits my choices to something not that big. After doing some research I found this speakers: (B&W LM1 and a AS2 subwoofer)

(since this is my first post I can't post the link)

I read that I can put 5 of them (2 front, 1 center, 2 surround) . But I don't know how this could work out...... What do you guys think ???

Thanks in advanced for all the help !!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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