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I am hoping someone might be able to help me, I just moved to a new house with it i got all the old Audio equipment and I have been struggling with getting it to work. I wouldn't bother but it seems like decent equipment even though it's a little older, its wired through the whole home, and from what i was told it should work still if hooked up correctly.

It was still slightly set up when i moved in, I have been trying to reconfigure and get all devices to communicate but no luck so far.

The primary devices are B&K 600.3 Receiver, MX-5000i universal remote, and MRX-1 Network base station.

I have downloaded all the manuals, and made a detailed diagram of my current set up, and what the setup looked like when I started looking at it (however somethings were already disconnected...).

I am really hoping to get it working, there are ceiling speakers through out the downstairs, 2 outdoor speakers, and the remote already seems to be programmed for the right rooms and everything...

Where I am at so far,

Everything powers on,
-I have made connections as shown in the diagram,
-I plugged the Ethernet cable from the base station to my router which causes the 'Ethernet' indicator to light up on the front of the Base station, however the 'Status' indicator light does not. I think my next step is getting this base station connected correctly so the 'Status' light comes on.
-I did figure out how to get the remote to connect to my wifi but that is about it so far... nothing seems to be happening between the the Remote, Base station, and Receiver.
*There are some IR sensors I can plug in but I didn't think I would need them since the base station is connected to the receiver through the RS232 cord and i currently am not connecting to any other sources; just plugging iPhone into source 1 with 3.5mm to RCA cable... and i tried playing radio which the antenna cable isn't hooked up but i would think it would still make some noise...

I don't have the original remote for the receiver so I can't control it without getting the universal remote to connect as far as I know. I also do not know how to hook the devices to computer to access their programming or if that will even be needed since it was already programmed for this setup.

Please forgive my ignorance as I am not too familiar with the AV world beyond basics; but I am hoping that since it was already programmed, if i can get it connected properly (and don't reset any of the devices) I can get it to at least play music and control which rooms it plays in...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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