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hey guys i need help
i download the room eq wizard 5 to analyze my room and get problem with my chek
i checked all youtube guid and it dosnt look like them
the soundcard cal is phlat dont see any curves in 0-20k

i have ecm 8000

rme hdsp 9632 interface

and mixer behringer xenyx1202 for the preamp for the mic adjust to 0 db

what i need to do to get good chek for all the frequency how i connect evrthing? ecm8000->input 1 mixer-> output L-R? -> input rme L-R?
what should be in spl meter?

what i need to change in preferences?
what the graph limit?
have guid for this ?

plzz helpppp :help::help::help::help::help::help::help::help:
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