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Help!! Screen problem!!

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Ok so here is the deal... i have always wanted to build a home theater but a projector was always out of my reach...not the kind of thing i could justify buying with 4 moths to feed.... but as luck would have it my wife won one for me at a raffle at her job! its the epson powerlite s5... now here is were the problem comes in... i am on a tight tight tight budget because i have to build a false wall for the screen and one to close off the back of the room i will be setting up in... as well as the 4 mouths i have to feed... now i would like to have either a 100" or a 150" screen i have room for either... i already did my measuring... but i seem to not be able to find a material that will work... painting isnt an option... im atatching a picture of what the s5 came with as for the screen distentions...


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looking at the attachment you have posted it seems the native image is 4:3.
a quick google search shows that the resolution of it is 800:600.

with these two points taken into consideration my thoughts are that that the larger screen is going to show signs of pixelation unless you sit far back - to project a 16:9 widescreen image the effective resolution is 800:450.

why is painting not an option??
Hi Mike!

Welcome to the Shack!

There is a neat little calculator you can use to play around with different screen sizes and distances for your PJ/screen setup. http://www.projectorcentral.com/Epson-PowerLite_S5-projection-calculator-pro.htm

Your PJ stats: 800x600 resolution, 3LCD, 2000 ANSI lumens, 400:1 contrast.

You have enough brightness, but are lacking in the contrast department. This means a gray screen would probably be the best choice for you since it will help boost that contrast a bit.

Custy is right, at 800x600 resolution a 150" screen will not be your friend unless you sit a long, long way away from it. I know, I also have a 800x600 PJ.

I too ask why painting isn't an option, it would seem like it is about your only option unless you want to go with a commercial screen or use a laminate (both more expensive than painting). We need more details.
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well i have the materail for the fake wall and its paneling so i will have lines... our WHOLE hose is paneling.... its painted so it doesnt look so bad... but when i tested the projector it was verry oviouse that the lines in the paneling were there....
you could hide the panel lines by either using a suitable filler and/or thick liner paper and sanding down.

if you are going to be erecting a new panelled wall then this task would be a part of it anyway.

if the size of screen is to be limted due to the PJ then the use of cheap substrates such as mdf or the drywall panels is an option. the largest sizes will get you near to 100 inches diagonally.

have a read of this sticky by Wbassett. it may help you make your mind up:T
How big will the room be once finished and how far will you sit back from the screen? With that projector at 12ft back I dont recommend going with any thing larger than a 106" 16x9 and even that you will see some of the so called "screen door affect" (it will look like your looking through a bug screen).
well the room is 10 X 17 i cant wait to do this i cant remember being this excited about somthing since my ghost buster house when i was little!!!!
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