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help with a eartquake minime p8

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hello to all, I had an earthquake minime p8, I bought it a few years back (2012) and now it is not working, I open it and found that one of the transistors is blown, I'm from Mexico, so it is pretty expensive to send it to repair, I need some help to figure out which transistor is so I can repair it, someone has one from that year? the transistor is on the card that sends power to the speaker, I hope someone out there can help me, thank you!!

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It appears to be burnt beyond recognition so identifying it doesn't seem possible. Earthquake is proprietary so it will probably be very difficult to find a service manual on line. It might be best to contact the manufacturer and see if they can provide information on that particular part. Given your situation - not being in the US - they may be willing to give you specifics so that you can find something equivalent.
Yeah, well yhey told me thar they don't do that, i already have the new transistor, i cleanes the blown one and it says h669A, i put the new one and still not sound, i'm goin to check the card fot other failures, eo know someone thar has this equipment?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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