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Hi im trying to design my first sonotube sub using the mach 5 ixl-15.2.2 i come up with 6 ^ft tuned to 18hz. the subs ts

T/S Parameters

Fs = 23.4Hz

Re = 3.7 Ohms

Qes = 0.41

Qms = 5.94

Qts = 0.39

Mms = 343.8 g

Rms = 8.51 kg/s

Cms = 0.135mm/N

VAS = 94.4 litres

Sd = 706.9 cm2

Xmax = 22 mm

i will be powering it with a dayton rack 1000 watt amplifier that has a preset hpf at 18hz can someone tell me how close i've come with my modeling? and what is the minimal diameter tube i can use i have it a 18" right now but would like to be more definite before purchase. Thank you

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You're right on the money. Make sure you measure the internal diameter of the 18 inch tube as not all of them are the same. You'll need a 6" tube for a port that is 35 " long to keep the port air speed acceptable.

Here's all the dimensions you'll need to know. :T

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