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I am the proud new owner of a Mach 5 ixl 15. Mainly because it modeled so well in a smallish box in WinISD. The sweet spot for me is a 3.95 ft^3 internal volume tuned to 21.98 Hz. I like the look of a little taller box than a perfect cube, but hey if you are willing to help me out I don't care!:help:

Preferrable demensions are 38 tall 18 deep and 18 wide. But 24 high by 22.5 wide and 22.5 deep are Ok as well. If you have another idea please post it!:bigsmile:

The biggest problem I am having is figuring out the slot port.

Here are the spec's for the driver:

T/S Parameters

Fs = 23.4Hz
Re = 3.7 Ohms
Qes = 0.41
Qms = 5.94
Qts = 0.39
Mms = 343.8 g
Rms = 8.51 kg/s
Cms = 0.135mm/N
VAS = 94.4 litres
Sd = 706.9 cm2
Xmax = 22 mm

I will be wiring this at 4 Ohms and running with an EP2500. (Not bridged...for now:devil:)

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Preferable dimensions are 38 tall 18 deep and 18 wide.
The box would be 16.6 inches wide internally. If you make the slot port the whole width of the box, then it would be 16.5" wide, 2" high and 41" long, the length including the thickness of the front baffle which is 3/4". All corners need to be rounded over to help reduce air turbulence.

The port, sub and bracing displace 1.3 cu.ft so the internal volume of the box needs to be 5.3 cu.ft. External dimensions would be 18" x18" x 35" high.

Your sub design and amp choice show the sub will bottom out at 18 hz. You will need a high pass filter to protect against over excursion, the Reckhorn B1 has a variable HPF and cost about $100.
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