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I've been trying to do some research on building an audio setup from scratch, boxes and all. However I haven't found anything for really large areas. My father who has been a mechanic for his whole life, quit his job over a year ago and started his own business. With work load and lack of flow out of his 2 car garage, he decided to expand. Built a 36x48ft building with 16ft ceilings. I told him I'd build him something to give him good sound.

So I come here looking for any and all advice I can get. I'll also be grateful for links where I can learn some of the finer details. I have car audio experience but wouldn't consider myself an expert. Just someone with ocd and the ability to make nice things.

My ceiling budget is $1000 for everything but Id rather not go to crazy if possible.

Lets start with:
What would be a good receiver to start with?
Would 4 speakers be suffice?

Thanks, Kyle
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