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I am, of course, trying to get the best readings I can from my room. I have played with the distance of my speakers and as I move them further apart, my bass readings get better; however, I seem to have a huge null of about 15-20 dbs from about 50hz-70hz, that I can't get rid of. I thought perhaps if I reorient myself in the room, I might get some improvement. There is so much stuff in the room that reorientation would be a formidable task, so before trying to reorient (and there are three other orientations I could try), I thought I would post a diagram of my room and try to explain the layout and ask your advice as to which orientation you think might be the best to try out first, besides the current one, based on your knowledge and experience.

Please offer me your advice and the reasons behind it. I will be greatly indebted. Thanks.

As you read my attempt at explaining the layout of my room, you can refer to my clumsy attempt to draw a diagram of the dimensions and basic layout of my room and my current orientation. As you can see, I named each orientation, A,B,C, & D, so if after reviewing this post, you have a recommendation as to what you think would be the best orientation, just use the letters I use to refer to the orientation you think would be most satisfactory. Before going on, aside from bass traps, which I note in the diagram, I have Aulalex 2" squares above my listening position and above the speakers on the ceiling, as well as against the walls sporadically. I also have a large, tall, full bookcase against the wall behind me. In front of me, behind the speakers beneath a sound absorption blanket (that should be much thicker) are a series of three large windows that probably make up 3/4 of that wall. The two doors identified in the diagram are very heavy, thick, double studio doors covered with auralex. Beyond that, I don't have any other treatment right now. The bass traps identified are two 4'x2' stacked to the ceiling 4" thick Owens Corning FRK framed traps, covered with a burlap-like material, with the aluminum side facing into the room and they are placed against each corner wall at an angle the creates an isoceles triangle with the corner walls, with air behind them.

Now for the dimensions, and a description of the room to explain the diagram above:

I have been taking measurements based on the way my listening position is currently oriented. If I provide you with the basic dimensions of my room, could you offer me your opinion as to the best orientation for my room; I.E., should I change my orientation. It involves quite a bit of work and I thought I'd pick the brilliant and experienced minds here at Home Theater REW Forum before taking
the plunge and attempt to reorient before taking new measurements.

Here are the basics of my room (which is treated with corner bass traps and misc. auralex and other treatments as well as a carpeted floor:

The room is not a simple rectangle, so the dimensions get a little complicated, but I'd like your opinion and the why(s) of your opinion for the best orientation, particularly if you recommend me reorienting my room.

First, the floor to ceiling dimension: 8'Now a little more complicated. The long side of dimension of the
room is 13.75'. the walls at the end of this dimension are parallel.

The other pair of walls are not so simple. On one side of the room, the room is 11.25' wide.
At the other end, the room is 10' wide. This variance is the result of the following. On one side of that
dimension the wall is a straight 13.75'. However, the opposite wall can be is really made up two parts. For 7.5 feet, the two walls are parallel at a distance of 11.25 feet apart.

Starting from the other end, the walls are 10' apart (the room was built ) and the half of the wall starting from this end is built at an angle into the room so it is NOT parallel to the opposite wall, but for about 6.5' is at roughly a 12-15 degree angle from the opposite wall, then it turns and connects the wider parallel "half" of the wall.

Currently I am off-center facing the wider side of the narrower walls with the angled wall to my right. Which direction do you think, just based on dimensions, do you think I would be best oriented.

I would really appreciate any advice and your reasoning behind it.

Thank you.

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Here is the link to a speaker setup guide I started on awhile back. It is rough, but might give you some direction. Note that the approach puts a premium on achieving a wide, deep soundstage with sharp imaging, with frequency response, while important, getting a lower priority.


This is just one approach. Others will have suggestions too, no doubt.
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