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Help with porting a RL-P15 cabinet

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Here is what I have available for cabinet space for a dedicated HT subs. 28" x 28" x 30" not including any bracing or the driver. Questions being what size port do I need and what is the best design for the port due to the size of the cabinet? What tunning should I be able to get with this size box also? I will be building two of these subs for my HT room.

Thanks Rick
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that box size using 3/4 inch mdf would yield 11.5 cu or 328 ltr. What driver do you have? The dual 2ohm or the dual 4? The vas are different between them. You can download for free, winisd and model it for yourself, if your interested in learning the process. Basicly enter the fs, qts, and vas of the driver, and it will get you ballpark figures for box size and ports ect.
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