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I've read that phase tracking, rather than using impulse measurements is the better way to align subs with speakers but have not been able to find a simple guide as to how exactly to use the phase plots in REW, so perhaps someone can shed some light on this.

The examples of phase tracking, replete with graphs etc I have found seem to assume you already know how to use the graph traces.

So, what should I be looking for ? The traces obviously wrap round and I understand each wrap corresponds to 180 degrees but beyond that I have not found any straightforward simple guide as to how to use that curve, in relation to the SPL curves of the speakers. What then is it visibly about the phase plots that tells you things are tracking well (around the crossover for example) or that they are not tracking well ? And then what ?

Some simple steps to follow would help, rather than pointing to example links which, as I said, seem to already assume the reader knows how those plots are applied and what steps to follow.
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