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folks- I am definitely a newbie here. I can get REW to work from my laptop (SigmaTel C-major Audio soundcard)- but alas, not on my DAW with an equivalent Digi 192 i/o interface running ProTools HD3 (v 7.3.1). For whatever reason, I can still use Windows Media player on the DAW (the digi cards are recognized in the Sound and Audio control panel of Windows XP)- but even though this is the default in the Windows control panel, REW still says there is no input or output. Before I go out and buy a USB soundcard, has someone here resolved this issue before? Here is the Debug file from REW software-

SoundCard Debug Data generated by Room EQ Wizard V4.00
Dated: Dec 30, 2007 7:42:27 PM
Input Device: No device selected
Input: No input selected
Input Volume: no control
Output Device: No device selected
Output: No output selected
Output Volume: No control
Output Mute: Off
Wave Volume: No control
Wave Mute: Off

[No mixers available]

any advice is welcome- thanks, iBird.

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thanks Wayne. I am still not able to unravel. I have an almost unlimited number of I/O, limited only by the number of channels on the converters, I think 96 channels is the limit for simultaneous i/o (I have an Lynx Aurora 8- so here its 8 channels)... but the problem is that for some reason, REW doesn't recognize any of the sound card devices even though they appear in the control panel under Sound and Audio devices (Win XP, service pack 2). In REW, they just appear as "default"... and since my Digi card is the default in XP, I would assume REW would recognize- but it doesn't as the debug file suggests. any thoughts?

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OK, since (1) the solution is not obvious, and (2) time is more of a limiting factor than money, can someone suggest a reliable USB soundcard that is readily available and easy to interface to REW? I have wasted enough time trying to get REW to interface with my high-end DAW that I could have paid for the extra soundcard multiple times. my therapist says the frustration is not worth it.

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From the Getting Started page of the REW Help Files:

Examples of USB soundcards which have been found to work well are the Soundblaster MP3+, Soundblaster Live! 24-bit USB External and the M-Audio MobilePre-USB.

Personally I’m using the MP3+. Soundblaster is currently offering refurbished units direct for give-away prices.


thanks Wayne. will be going to the local retailer to get the "stuff". who knows, I may actually make this thing work for me! :yay:
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