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Helping choosing driver/amp

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Help choosing driver/amp

Need (well, want) to build a sub for at the office. Room is about 400-500 sq. ft. and the unit will but sitting under my desk. Speakers are Mirage Omni-150 running off a Denon receiver.

All music, but I prefer my subs tuned lower. I like the sub on my Klipsch Pro Ultra 5.1. On my home theater I have a Paradigm Monitor SE Sub which is the only sealed sub I have ever liked but its still missing the low end punch I like.

So I am undecided between a ported or 4th order bandpass enclosure.

Pictures of my setup. Sub position isn't 100% fixed, I can move it around under the desk some.

Read the creative sound trio 12 was highly recommended. Couldn't find it on the site but see a combo 10" sub with amp for under $400.


Is there a better bang for buck than this? Or for my application? The 24.5Hz vented tuning example in the spec sheet sounds pretty close to what I want.

Would the kit with the Yung be better? http://www.creativesound.ca/details.php?model=DUETSDX10B

I have first hand experience with BASH poor quality (Klipsh amps) but don't want to spend a ton of money on this either.

Part of me thinks I need to go up to a 12" woofer, not sure why. Don't really want a 20"x20"x20" box under my desk to kick with my foot. Most of the time this will at very moderate listening levels as to not annoy others in the office, but I do have times after hours and on weekends that I can crank it while I work.
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Bandpass subs have a narrow range in which they play - often little more than one octave - so if you're looking for an F3 in the low to mid 20Hz range you're probably not going to get it to play high enough to have an effective crossover with those Mirage speakers. More than likely the Omni's will be rolling off before the sub kicks in, leaving a bit of a gap at the crossover range.

BASH is a generic amplifier technology, so its implementation could vary from one manufacturer to another. Dismissing it because Klipsh may have missed the boat on it with one of their subwoofers is akin to saying you won't buy radial tires because Firestone made a bad batch. BASH amps are used by many companies and have proven to be quite popular, so you might want to still consider it.

IIRC, none of the CSS kits are 20" square. I think the largest of them is around 18", but it's been a while since I looked at those.

On a side note... are those speakers a bit high? Given their location, it seems as though the soundfield would be above your head.
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My experience with Bash isn't just with one sub/amp its with 4 different products (All Klipsch though...). That said I am not swayed one way or the other yet. Just Driver and amp for under $400 shipping is appealing to me. If there is something comparable in a "pro" amp that has the features needed for a sub I will look at that as well. Not married to a plate amp.

The specs on the Omni-150s are +/-3db 55Hz-20KHz. They amaze me with how low they go for 5-1/2" driver. They are ported.

And yes, they are a bit high, but they are angled downwards; ~26° if IIRC. With their unique dispersion pattern they still work quite well. It's a tradeoff as I wanted a third monitor but having nice speakers and big monitors ergonomically placed doesn't play will together.

And you're right. The 12" kit is 18" cube. I think I was looking at the passive radiator or something else entirely when I was thinking 20" cube. But still, 18" cube is still pretty big. But I can make it work if its what I truly want in the end.
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The basic Rythmik servo with 12" GR driver can be used in a 1.5 cu ft cab and is $459 for the kit with HX300 amp. Hypex modules.

Only problem there is the US-> CAD exchange. That becomes $600 CAD before shipping. Edit: $730 CAD after shipping. Was trying to keep this under $500 CAD for the driver/amp.

Does direct servo change how a vented enclosure would be designed?

Leaning towards this kit now. http://www.creativesound.ca/details.php?model=Duet SDX12B

Would be easy to build and if their 18" Cube graph can be believed thats pretty good response that would align nicely with the -3db 55Hz of my mirage speakers. And if I don't end up liking it sealed the driver would still work in a vented enclosure.
Does direct servo change how a vented enclosure would be designed?
No, it's based almost exclusively on the T/S parameters. Servo doesn't really impact that.
Looking at the response graph of the sub I used to have here, perfectly flat from 55-65Hz and dipped at 80, peaked at 48Hz, -3db @ 40Hz -10db @30Hz . Bandpass with a 8" driver. I liked this sub other than it didn't go low enough. I might actually see if I can find a plate amp I can replace the one it had with. Hopefully it didn't have too much DSP going on that I wont be able to replicate.

Still looking at the SDX12B http://www.creativesound.ca/pdf/Duet12XBL.pdf. My only fear is the high end roll off would be too much. Been playing with Equalizer APO for windows, maybe I can compensate for any lacking in the 60Hz-80Hz range with EQ.
Ok, gonna go with the SDX12 from CSS. Been designing an enclosure, tell me what you think. 76.2 L net volume not including the driver/amp. The CSS graph PDF stated 73 L, I assume there figure includes the driver displacement.

Also have a detail drawing here

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