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Lurking here for awhile, and now I need some help; I have a 5.1 theater system in my basement that is working great, maybe one-day I'll update to atmos.
Here's the problem.....I bought a 4k Samsung for my den (42") - nothing spectacular, and I have a couple of powered speakers hanging around (Genelec 1029's - forgot to mention I'm an audio engineer and replaced these in my audio studio), and thought I would add them to my den tv and get better sound! This Samsung only has spdif digital out. No problem, bought a converter and viola! But...no volume control, then I found a converter with remote volume control, yeah! It sounds great, ir works great, I programmed my existing remote, and I'm happy! Power tv off, go to bed.... Next day power on, and "POP"! Wtf? ****. There's no power switch for the converter and no remote control for the speakers to turn them off (the converter and speakers stay powered on), so now what? Every time I power the tv on it pops. I'm at an impasse at this point; should I return it ( the converter), or is there a solution I can't figure out? I'm thinking about some remote power on..... But that means another remote......Or do I send it back and go with a preamp to solve this (more money I really don't want to spend)? Or should I bag it all and just live with the tv speakers?
Any insight or suggestions are appreciated!

Edit: It's spdif to the converter, rca analog out to 1/4 inch into the powered speakers (unbalanced). These Genelecs do have balanced xlr (or 1/4inch) inputs.

Thank you!
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