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Hey all,

I've been into audio since I was about 10 (my first project was assembling an FM transmitter so I could create "surround sound" by transmitting to 5 radios of various sorts around my room).

Recently I rediscovered my B&W DM302s that I picked up about 13 years ago and that were stored in the basement after multiple moves. A new TV purchase (Samsung LN37B550) at an ungodly low price triggered my desire to set up a decent sound system. I won't upset anyone by telling you how little I've got into my components, but let's just say that through buying/selling gear I've actually made money during the upgrades through patience and good luck.

Current setup (while not ideal, it sounds good enough for my not so perfect ears):

B&W DM302 (I love these speakers!) for fronts and rears
B&W CC3 Center channel
Sunfire True Sub (may be MKI) with a HiVi SP10 replacement speaker
Sony STR-DG820
LG BH200 (combo HD DVD and Blu-ray)
Samsung LN37B550

I found this forum after seeing references to REW and wanting to give it a go. I may actually give a shot at testing my room this weekend, and after a few strategic sales of old gear, I'll go grab the Behringer Parametric EQ to tweak things a bit more.

OK, more than you wanted to know about me...

I'll be lurking more than posting until I figure current technology out again, but until then, don't forget to turn it up. We didn't mix your music to be listened to at a whisper.

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Welcome to HomeTheaterShack. You are going to love it here. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

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Welcome jung. Born and raised in Richfield, MN. Have fun. Dennis
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