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So this is my first post on this site. I joined because I am going to build a new home theatre system.
I'm going to be looking for some advice in building.

Just a little backround on my experience...In high school I worked at an auto customs shop for fun, as a stereo/electronics installer. So i would say I have more knowledge than average joe for sure.

I had a very nice setup at our townhouse here at school. I am a junior at ISU. Well going home for Christmas break wasn't the best idea I guess.

First off, our 'apartment' (townhouses) complex is gated in, one way in/one way out, cameras everywhere. Well our complex is adding on some 'luxury' units where we will be living next year behind our building now. So the 8ft metal fence had been taken down for the construction. Sometime on Christmas eve people broke into my roommates bedroom window which is on the main floor. We had a 42" LG plasma in the living room. They ripped the plasma right off the wall mount, stolen. I had a 2000watt soundstream amp that i used to run in my car in the living room running two 12" woofers. They stole the amp.

To make matters worse...they hit my bedroom and not my other 3 buddies. I had a celing mounted sony lcd projector they ripped right down. My PS3, call of duty4&5, a second dualshock3 controller, around 100 dvds, my two dress watches worth around $600 or so, my blackberry dock (just took wall charger home), my ipod dock, and my run of the mill logitech z5500 5.1 surround sound system.

They left my 17" macbook pro sitting right on my desk, but took the two docks connected to it...the cops said they probably thought it was traceable. I also have a 20"lcd(tv) mounted on an arm mount above my bed right in front of my face, which they obviously tried to rip out of the wall but weren't successful.

haha i know what some of you will say, you're an idiot for living inside a best buy anyways.. lol trust me i have heard it enough...

Insurance is going to cover everything after the first 1k in losses, but you know how insurance companies are...I probably wont get much, and I have to buy another tv, and I already bought another ps3......so this is definitely a budget build.

long story short.... I am looking to make a decent home theater system which can also be used for music (parties, etc.). I want to make two towers, a center channel, two rear speakers and a subwoofer.

I will make a new thread explaining what I want to build though...

thanks for the warm welcome!:T
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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