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I'm from Singapore and very happy to be here. I've been into HT for about 6 years. My current setup is a real mish-mash:

Sony Ruby
100 inch 16:9 Stewart StudioTec 130
Yamaha 1400
NHT Evolution T5
NHT M5 center speaker
Hsu Research VTF2 Mk1 (will probably get rid of this soon)
Sony PS3
MS CS5 surround speakers
Wharfedale Crystal 30 rear speakers
Cables used include Belden 1313A, Canare 4S11, some generic silver and gold looking strands

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Hi Mark,

The Ruby is nice, and I'm very happy with it. I do wish it could accept 1080p/24 though, especially now that the PS3 is able to put out this format.
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