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Ok -- here's a sketchup that I made. The left side (from the stairs over) is already finished. The right side bottom was a finished room, and the furnace room used to be much larger. I have removed some walls, and am now in the process of painting and putting in a drop ceiling...

Soon I will need to make some decisions about:

- projector
- screen
- automated lighting
- amp?

Hopefully I can find those answers here!

Existing gear includes:
- Pio Elite VSX-01
- JBL 7.1 Studio L (2xL890, 4xL820, L8400P sub)
- Samsung BDP-1500 BluRay
- HTPC running SageTV (with Sage Media Server)
- old VCR & LaserDisc players

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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