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Hi from TN

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Hi I am new from TN. I am just starting my home theater and I have no idea what I am doing. I have hardwood floors and know I want theater chairs. I am working threw the other details. Not sure about LCD tv or projector. What speakers what receiver these are tough decisions. My budget for electronics only is $5,000.
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Hi Susan... surprised you made it here with all that snow up in Tennessee. You must have dodged it. Welcome to the Shack!

$5K is a pretty good budget. Check out our Home Theater Systems Recommendations forum.
Welcome to the Shack! With a $5000 budget for your electronics, that's a pretty good sized budget to work with! As our fearless leader Sonnie has suggested, check out our Home Theater Systems Recommendation section. That's a great place to start out! :)
Hello Susan and welcome to the Shack, and $5k should get you quite a system going :T
Hi Susan,
Welcome to the Shack. :wave:
Hi Susan and welcome..
Welcome to the Shack Susan!
Welcome Susan. With careful researching, you can build a very good system for your budget. Have fun. Dennis
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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