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Hello. I am Mike R from SE Michigan.
Here I am 1 year ago at 2007 CES with a few friends:

I built our loghome in 2002, with future plans to finish the walkout basement, including a Home Theatre.

I've been working on that (part time) for the past 3 years, and just now the drywall is finally going up.
I'm a DIY'er, did myself:
-framing (gotta love a Paslode, I drove over 5,000 nails with it)
-HVAC (real hot and cold air returns each room for good re-circ, pre-planned when we built the house with the HVAC installer - our system is a closed loop geothermal system by the way)
-All electrical wiring, over 1,700 feet of 14/2, 14/3, and 12/3 wiring for 11 new circuits and utilizing 3 existing circuits for 87 new boxex/receptables/light sw. I used the 12/3 for a dedicated 20 amp ground isolated HT circuit.
-Full wiring for the HT, 500 feet of 14/4 speaker wire, 250 feet of RG6, etc
(can I tell you how sore my hands were after pulling all that wire)
Here is link to the whole basement project in process over 3 years.

Doing that myself earned the sweat equity to have a pro do the drywall and also helped my "budget" for the HT equipment.

Below I'll show status of my basement HT, I'll be coming to this forum for advice as I actually install/set-up stuff.

Here is link to HT project in process (more will be added as stuff actually gets installed)
Here is basement plan:

I've studied and after much review have bought the following equipment for the Basement HT:
(went thru local dealer who gave me very competitive price instead of internet shopping, I support the local high end shops)
This stuff was ordered 12/26/07, I have everything at home except the Sony VW60, which is due Sat 1/12.
Frt Proj: Sony VPL-VW60
Proj Mount: Chief VPLHS10/VPLX30 Pro w/CMA-115 ceiling plate
A/V: Denon AVR 4308CI
Screen: 100" diag DaLite Perm-Wall HC screen (I'm making my own border to save some $$$)

Speakers: Paradigm Monitor series, Monitor 9 Frt R/L, Center CC-390 (in Rosenut), and Surround side and back will use ADP-390's (in black).
Here is a pict of the speakers in our mudroom area still in boxes, patiently waiting for their turn in the basement, you can see the screen on top of the surrounds if you look closely:

Here is the new Denon 4308 getting "broken in" in my 5+ year old existing main floor family room 5.1 set-up (that is a older Onkyo 787 driving Atlantic Technology System 350)


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Hello Mike and welcome to the Shack!

Absolutely... please get us a construction thread started and keep us up to date with everything. No doubt you'll have a very nice room when you are all done. Looks like fun. :T

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Hi Mike, Welcome to the Shack,.... looks like you have a pretty good plan. Hope you'll keep us up to date.
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