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Hi everyone.

I'm 52, live in Connecticut. Married with two kids.
Actually I was born and lived in the former USSR for 40 years. Moved to the US in 1996.
In 1978 graduated with MS in computer science. And the same year got a second job as a technician in a disco club in Minsk. At the same time got into DIY electronics (mostly amplifiers). As you can imagine any western rock music was forbidden at that time. But nevertheless we used to listen to various radio stations from all over the world. And when somebody laid his (or hers) hands on good vinyl we all made copies on a tape, copies of copies and so on...
So I bought my first reel to reel with built-in 5 WPC amplifier. Obviously the only stereos available were domestic models. Only few who visited West could get something there and bring it home. Japanese brands (Panasonic, Technics, JVC) were the most popular along with some Philips, Telefunken and Grundig. Not that I could afford any of them anyway. So that's why I built my own amps. And at that point I haven't any clue about all that Carvers, Boston Acoustics, Advents or Marantz... And HT didn't even exist.
Now it's another story.
I started here with pretty simple Kenwood Dolby ProLogic setup, then migrated back to strictly 2 channel.
Eventually I got back to multi-channel and now use Emotiva LPA-1-LMC1 combo with Mirage and Paradigm speakers.
My wife is not really into all this stuff, though she tolerates my hobby and appeciates good sound.

So here I am and thanks for having me.

Oh, almost forgot. I am a hardware engineer and support CD/DVD duplication along with some other manufacturing. So if there will be any questions about CD or DVD duplication I'll be more than happy to help.

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Welcome to Home Theater Shack!

Howdy gladiator335 and welcome to the Shack!

Looking forward to seeing you around often... :T


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