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I don't think I had the permissions set properly for all of you to see the hidden links. You should be able to see them now:

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oooooooo, I like that drop down. Handy , thanks Sonnie
I see all six links on my end.
Did you realize that the music reviews link is a dead end? Not a biggie, just didn't know if you realized it or not.

I forgot... we set that up for Michael and he did one review and bailed on us. I will remove it.
At some point I wouldn't mind doing some music reviews, once the Headphone Roundup work is well underway. IF it is a priority for you, and I understand that it might not be.
Not really a priority no, but something I think would be nice to have... maybe a couple of reviews per month. It may not be worth it though since we really can't pay that much for music reviews. After all we are more of a home theater forum, yet I know we all listen to some music all along, some a lot more than others. Mike was willing to do them on the cheap, so I decided we would give it a try. Then he bailed.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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