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I am starting my first IB build in my living room. I do not have a dedicated theater room at the moment, so we are turning our living room into our family entertainment zone. I am waiting on my Fusion 12 Tempest kits to arrive, and now working on my IB plans so I can order the appropriate items. As expected, I do have several questions.

First, I want to set the correct expectations so that I order the correct number of IB318 speakers. I currently have a Klipsch RW-12D that is rated at 116db @ 30 Hz in a corner. With it in a corner, and sitting 3 meters away, it is just shy of my desired level of output. Playing with WinISD, 2 IB318 speakers, 2000 watts with a 20Hz high pass filter, show 117db @ 20Hz , 122db @ 30Hz and 124db past 50Hz. This is without any room gain. From my reading, I can expect 3db from placement along a wall (Does an IB manifold coming through a wall count?). So my expectation is that these 2 IB318 should easily exceed my goals if my assumptions are correct.

Next is my room placement. Alas, I have read to avoid the rear of the room but my room leaves me no choice. My plan is to place my LR speakers under the TV, and wall mount the TV to the left of the fireplace. I will be using a long extension that will allow the TV and speakers to come into the room in a plane beyond the fireplace. The IB manifold will be in the rear wall, and up about 12-14 feet where there is a very spacious attic on the other side. I have about 12 feet of lateral placement flexibility across the back wall. Having read about rear placement here is one of the reasons I went with the Fusion Tempest because I should be able to cross them at 60hz-70hz to help with any localization issues.

I plan to place the Klipsch sub at the main listening position to help determine the best placement along the back wall. Hopefully there will be a location that is favorable. I also plan to place the Klipsch up on a ladder at the intended manifold location for an additional verification.

Attached are some pics with regard to my placement and WinISD model. Please give me any feedback you may have.



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