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I am glad you brought this over here. What was your actual cost on the material?

If you built your own frame then it is definitely a DIY screen. That other forum has their rules written, or at least enforced in a way, so that only their mixes are promoted and anything else is denigrated, it's a sad thing. :thumbsdown:

Welcome to Home Theater Shack! :wave:
I probably egged it on a little, but you know who got under my skin. The funny thing is if you know who wouldn't have replied to my first post then I would have probably never even looked in the thread again and replied. I see Mandarax replied before all of the posts were deleted. He is a knowledgeable guy, who actually hosted a screen shoot out with you know who staying at his house. I know why MM does what he does, but why does prof allow this and allow only one person to have any say?

You know what really bugs me is the whole DIY vs MFG screen that MM promotes. Why can't it be just about the best screen for the best situation? Sometimes like the OP found out, a MFG screen can be cheaper than a DIY screen and better. Sorry for the rant.
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