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Hello my fellow shacksters I have recently been reading alot of threads concerning High Pass and Low pass, i currently have 2 kicker cvr 12's (soon a FI q) running off of a Ep 4000 and i was wondering if i should have the Low pass or high pass on or off i assume High pass = letting high frequencies pass and same with Low pass letting the lows go by obviously we have subwoofers for Low end..

Now here my question is do i turn the high Pass of so Low pass lets the lows through i think the kickers should handle fin until 19 then them bottom out...

Help and correction needed thanks :huh:



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the high pass is to take out the ultra low frequencies to keep from over excursion as well as decrease power given to the driver from too low.

the high pass is because the driver can only play so high, so you need to take the high frequencies out that it can't produce.

generally HP isn't used in sealed alignments because the driver can play all the way down without problems, within reason. in other alignments where the mid region is boosted, you lose even more at the ends...

The main use for a HP filter I believe is when the driver begins to unload below a tuning. In a vented system, the driver unloads below tuning, so you need to take power/signal away below its tuning.
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